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Statistics prove that the risk of having an accident is highest during the first years of driving after passing the driving test. This is why the Government launched the Pass Plus programme. Backed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and major motor insurance companies, it is designed to help new drivers gain more experience and become better equipped for the demands of modern driving.

The course needs to be taken within twelve months of passing your driving test to qualify for the insurance benefits.

The PASS PLUS course is a six-hour module, which will include motorway, bad weather, city and rural driving. After completion you will be able to obtain a discount from many insurance companies, subject to your personal circumstances.

This course has proved popular because the saving on insurance is far greater than the cost of the course.

There are six modules that the Pass Plus consists of:

Module 1 -  Town Driving
Pass Plus driving  will help improve your confidence when driving in daunting town centre  conditions. You’ll focus on observation, judgement & awareness, eye  contact, vulnerable road users, pedestrian crossings, increased traffic,  complex junctions.


Module 2 - All Weather Driving
As there are different weather conditions to deal with every day  you have to adapt your driving skills to suit the conditions. You will focus on  using the correct speed and safe stopping distances plus seeing and being seen  in rain, sleet, snow, fog & bright sunshine. You will also look at the  causes and effects of skidding.


Module 3 -  Rural Driving
This module looks at the difference between town and country  driving. Rural areas can be particularly hazardous with narrow roads, hidden  junctions, sharp bends and passing places. You’ll also learn how to deal with  horse riders, farm vehicles & animals on the road.


Module 4 -  Night Driving
              This section covers the importance of driving at night, dawn and dusk. You’ll  learn the importance of using headlights correctly, judging speed &  distance, dealing with dazzle, hard to see road users and parking issues.


Module 5 -  Dual Carriageways
Dual carriageways are specifically designed to help traffic flow due to the extra carriageways & often higher speed limits. To drive safely on fast moving roads you will need skills in judgement & planning ahead, separation distances, correct use of speed, overtaking & lane discipline and joining & leaving a dual carriageway.


Module 6 -  Motorway Driving
              Today’s motorways put greater demand on the driver so it is vital that you are  a competent and confident driver. You will cover how to drive safely in  differing circumstances, effect observation, lane discipline, breakdown  procedures are just some of the areas covered.


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